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FTC Staff Comments on New York State Proposal to Transform Power Distribution

Posted in Energy/Commodities, FTC Developments

In April 2014, the New York Public Service Commission’s (NY PSC) Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) initiative “propose[d] a platform to transform New York’s electric industry . . . with the objective of creating market-based, sustainable products and services that drive an increasingly efficient, clean, reliable, and customer-oriented industry.”  In August 2014, the NY PSC [...]

Aerospace & Defense Series: Leading Antitrust Considerations for M&A Transactions

Posted in DOJ Developments, FTC Developments, Joint Ventures/Competitor Collaboration, Mergers & Acquisitions

Aerospace and defense contractors engage in a wide range of mergers, acquisitions and joint venture transactions, which are often subject to heightened antitrust scrutiny. This article highlights some of the leading antitrust factors that contractors should consider when contemplating M&A transactions in their unique industry. Read the full article.

FTC Initiates Inquiry Into Patent Assertion Entities

Posted in DOJ Developments, FTC Developments, IP Antitrust

by William Diaz Last week, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced its decision to seek public comment on a proposal to gather information from approximately 25 patent assertion entities (PAE).  The agency defines a PAE as a company whose business model focuses primarily on purchasing patents and then attempting to generate revenue by asserting the [...]

FTC’s New Chairwoman Ramirez Says Health Care Continues To Be Top Priority

Posted in FTC Developments, Healthcare Antitrust, IP Antitrust, Mergers & Acquisitions

by Hillary Webber In remarks made this week at the International Competition Network annual conference, Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Chairwoman Edith Ramirez stated that health care will continue to be a top priority for the FTC.   Referring to health care and hospital mergers in particular, she said that the Commission will "guard[] against what we [...]

Deputy Director Dafny: FTC focuses on Diversion Ratios, Not Geographic Markets for Hospital Mergers

Posted in FTC Developments, Healthcare Antitrust, Mergers & Acquisitions

by Stephen Wu During an American Bar Association (ABA) program on antitrust and health care issues on October 1, 2012, U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Deputy Director for Health Care and Antitrust, Leemore Dafny, said that the FTC will focus on how patients purportedly react to price increases, as measured by "diversion ratios," when deciding [...]

FTC Names Dafny Deputy Director of the Agency’s Bureau of Economics

Posted in FTC Developments, Healthcare Antitrust

by Stephen Wu On June 12, 2012, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced the appointment of Leemore Dafny to assume the newly created position of Deputy Director for Health Care and Antitrust, effective August 1, 2012. Dafny is an Associate Professor of Management and Strategy at the Kellogg School of Management of Northwestern University, where [...]

CEO Fined for H-S-R Act Violation on Acquisition of Stock-Based Compensation

Posted in DOJ Developments, FTC Developments

by Joseph Winterscheid In December 2011, the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) announced that a public company chief executive officer (CEO) will pay a $500,000 civil penalty to settle charges that he violated Hart-Scott-Rodino Act (H-S-R Act) premerger reporting and waiting period requirements.  The DOJ, acting at the request of the Federal Trade Commission, [...]

Update on Reverse Payment Settlements

Posted in FTC Developments, Healthcare Antitrust, IP Antitrust

by William Diaz, Raymond A. Jacobsen, Joseph F. Winterscheid and Jeffrey W. Brennan On October 31, 2011, a California state court of appeal affirmed a lower court’s ruling upholding a "reverse payment" (pay-for-delay) settlement between Bayer (Bayer) AG and Barr Pharmaceuticals (Barr).  Bayer had sued Barr for patent infringement pertaining to the latter’s planned production of a generic form of [...]

FTC Hosts Workshop on Preventing Patent “Hold-Ups” in Standard-Setting

Posted in FTC Developments, IP Antitrust

by Stefan M. Meisner and James B. Camden The FTC recently hosted a workshop on preventing patent “hold-ups” in standard-setting.  Panelists addressed and evaluated the three main tools currently used by SSOs to prevent patent hold-ups: patent disclosure rules, ex ante disclosure of licensing terms by patent holders, and RAND commitments.  The FTC has yet [...]

FTC Publishes Comments to FERC Notice of Inquiry Regarding 2010 Horizontal Merger Guidelines

Posted in Mergers & Acquisitions

by Jon B. Dubrow and Carrie G. Amezcua On Tuesday the FTC published its comments to FERC’s Notice of Inquiry (NOI), in which  FERC had asked for comments on whether, (and if so, how), it should revise its approach for examining market power concerns arising from horizontal mergers to reflect the revised 2010 Horizontal Merger [...]

Generic Drug Settlement– FTC Enforcement Action

Posted in FTC Developments, Healthcare Antitrust

by Stefan M. Meisner On May 10, the Federal Trade Commission announced that Sanofi-Aventis U.S. LLC and two generic drug makers had violated federal law by failing to notify antitrust authorities about agreements involving Sanofi’s insomnia drug Ambien CR. The FTC found no harm to consumers or competition in this instance and recommended no enforcement [...]

FTC Dismisses Complaint in LabCorp

Posted in FTC Developments, Mergers & Acquisitions

by Stephen Wu Earlier today, the FTC dismissed its complaint against LabCorp after failing to obtain a preliminary injunction in federal district court to prevent LabCorp from further integrating with WestCliff.  LabCorp had acquired WestCliff, a bankrupt lab services competitor in Southern California, in 2010, but the FTC chose to challenge the transaction in front [...]

FTC and CFTC to Share Confidential Information, Increases Investigation Risks

Posted in Cartel Enforcement, FTC Developments

by Jon B. Dubrow, Gregory E. Heltzer, Blake H. Winbourne and Carrie G. Amezcua The U.S. Federal Trade Commission and the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission signed a memorandum of understanding that will facilitate the sharing of non-public information for “official law enforcement purposes,” and increase investigation risks for firms. To read the full article, please visit: http://www.mwe.com/info/news/ots0411i.htm.

The Top Five (Avoidable) Antitrust Traps in M&A Transactions

Posted in DOJ Developments, FTC Developments, Mergers & Acquisitions

by Jon B. Dubrow, Joseph F. Winterscheid and Carla A. R. Hine In M&A transactions, early involvement of antitrust counsel is essential to avoid unnecessary expense, delay and antitrust risks.  Failure to involve antitrust counsel early on in the process may not only jeopardize the parties’ ability to obtain antitrust clearance, but it can also [...]

FTC Issues Preliminary Privacy Report, Seeks Comment from Stakeholders

Posted in Consumer Protection/Privacy, FTC Developments

by Heather Egan Sussman and Carla A. R. Hine The U.S. Federal Trade Commission’s recently proposed framework for offline and online businesses and policymakers may have a significant impact on entities that collect, maintain and use consumer data.  The deadline for public comment is January 31, 2011. To read the full article, please visit: http://www.mwe.com/info/news/ots1210e.htm. [...]

Market Definition Spurs District Court’s Decision Denying Product Ownership Challenge

Posted in FTC Developments, Mergers & Acquisitions

by Jon B. Dubrow, David Marx, Jr. and Rachael Lewis The Federal District Court in Minnesota recently decided Ovation Pharmaceutical did not violate federal or state antitrust laws when it acquired Indocin IV and NeoProfen, the only two drugs approved for treatment of a specific heart condition that primarily affects premature babies, because the challengers [...]