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Italian Competition Authority Confirms 1.2 per cent Merger Control Filing Fee for 2010

by Veronica Pinotti and Martino Sforza

The Italian Competition Authority announced today that the amount of its merger control filing fee will remain unchanged in 2010. The amount of the fee will therefore continue to be 1.2 per cent of the value of the notified transaction, in a range of EUR 3,000 to 60,000.  For the purpose of the calculation of the filing fee, the value of the transaction is the agreed consideration. In the case of acquisitions of companies or parts of companies generating turnover outside of Italy, the value of the transaction is adjusted applying the correction factor given by the ratio between the domestic and worldwide turnover realized by the company which is to be acquired.

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Italian Merger Control Thresholds – New Revisions

by Veronica Pinotti and Martino Sforza

The Italian Competition Authority today updated its merger control turnover thresholds.

As of 27 July 2009, Section 16(1) of Law no. 287 of 10 October 1990, requires prior notification of all mergers and acquisitions involving the following:

  • aggregate turnover in Italy of all undertakings involved above EUR 461 million (revised under the terms of the same Section 16(1)); or
  • aggregate turnover in Italy of the target company above EUR 46 million (as revised)

No notification is required if the target is a foreign company, which did not generate any turnover in Italy in the last 3 years, and it is not expected to do so as a result of the transaction.

Thresholds are adjusted each year to take account of increases in the GDP deflator index.  The resolution is published in the Authority’s Bulletin after the increase in the index has been officially announced (as to the thresholds in force, see the Authority’s resolution No.20074, published in Italian language in the Bulletin No. 27 of 27 July 2009).

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