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Antitrust Enforcement Update: Spotlight on Physician Transactions

At both the state and federal level, antitrust enforcement agencies continue to pursue successful challenges to physician practice transactions. This article summarizes two recent enforcement actions, as well as a new state law that requires prior notice of healthcare provider transactions. We also offer practical takeaways for providers pursuing practice acquisitions.

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Joint DOJ-FTC Workshop Explores Competitive Impact of Patent Assertion Entities

by Stefan M. Meisner and Daniel Powers

Federal antitrust enforcement agencies are closely studying the growing activity of patent assertion entities (PAE).  At a recent joint workshop sponsored by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), participants from academia, industry and the legal world discussed the competitive impact of these organizations and considered whether antitrust law offers regulators any tools to grapple with potential anticompetitive activity.  No new policy prescriptions emerged during the daylong session, but the agencies continue to seek comment and study this rapidly developing area.

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